Egypt and Mesopotamia

I was in Boston this past week for the big computer graphics convention (SIGGRAPH). I managed to find time to get out to Harvard and cruise through the bookstores. Came across an interesting book called "From Egypt to Mesopotamia: A Study of Predynastic Trade Routes" by Samuel Mark (Texas A&M Press). It is the fourth book in an academic series called Studies in Nautical Archaeology. The Bibliography is over 20 pages. The work is a summary of previous studies on the influence of early Mesopotamian culture on the Egyptian, to which the author adds new conclusions of his own. I've only just started reading it, but already it looks very good. Besides Trade Routes, chapter headings include Pottery, Raw Materials, Monkeys and Maceheads, Cylinder Seals, Architecture, Boat Motifs, and the Narmer Palette.

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