Ramses and Horemheb
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Titan, et. al,

Horemheb was a contemporary of Ramses I rather than Ramses II. I think a much better argument could be made for the first Ramses being the literal brother of Horemheb rather than the second. (In my model Horemheb is something of an uncle to Ramses and they are both members of the "House of Reuben", i.e., Prince Webensenu/Heby.) I think there is also enough evidence to maintain that Ramose was also called Sety and was the father of Ramses I, but it might be worth revisiting. It is not too unreasonable that Ramses and Ramose could have been the same person (as you suggest), and that the name (or epithet) Sety should be applied to the father of Ramose/Ramses.

What is your degree program and how is your graduation tied to this research?