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Thank you James for the links but now we wonder if anyone else is aware of this data and how horseback riding was apparent at Kadesh and to Ramses the Great!

Mr Pope,

Per your chapter 29, Scribe Horemheb, Amenhotep the wise and Vizier Ramoses were somehow related to Chief Heby/Neby. You also allow Mutuya to equal Tuya.

There was also another Horemheb from the time of Ramses II, known for having written a letter bitching about a grain basket.

It is quite the coincidence that the mother of Ramses II was named Tuya. We feel that Vizier Ramose and Ramses II were the same person and a half brother to General Horemheb.

It appears that Horemheb and Ramses the Great were nothing more than a different branch of the same Royal family tree of Akhenaten and fully entitled to kingship. The 19th dynasty is nothing more than an apparition.

Titan, Tracy and Jeff.

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