Tut and Jehonadab/Elisha
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Yes, Tut had a little accident, as they might say on the Sopranos.

It was actually a teacher of mine in High School that got me to thinking about history in a more critical fashion. He was a 6'6" former Marine who had travelled the world. He kept about a half-dozen different text books covering the same time period in the classroom and had us compare the various accounts of the same event. That was an eye-opener, especially for some of the more controversial/sensitive episodes such as the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. That's when I learned you can't believe everything you read.

With respect to Tut, my conclusion as to his death was drawn by carefully considering all the evidence available to me, both physical and textual/cultural. There are a number of forum threads on this subject in addition to what is provided in the on-line book. And I'm sure this is still not the last word on the subject, especially considering the impact of Tut's death on history.

The death of Tut is even covered up in the Bible, and so it continues to be today. The Kings/Chronicles account speaks of "the disease that resulted in Elisha's death", it doesn't talk about the "accident" that expedited his inevitable demise. So goes the official report.

~Principle Investigator Pope

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