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Mr. Pope,

I and my fellow class mates have no intention of getting in between you and Mr. REBrammer and have no idea about who Mr. Hughes is (Tracy will work on this).

Classmate Jeff did note that Abishai ('Abiyshay) a son of Zeruiah (Tsruwyah) was a gift giver to David and did indeed go out of his way to protect David.

Ather Abishai, bir i Tserajahut, i tha mbretit: "Pse ky qen i ngordhur duhet t mallkoj mbretin, zotrin time? T lutem, m lr t shkoj t'i pres kokn!

The reports of Eduard Egarter Vigl, the caretaker of tzi the Iceman, and Paul Gostner, head of radiology at Bolzano General Hospital are very clear as to Mr. Tuts death.

Living in Southern California: I, Jeff and Tracy have hiked hundreds of miles of trails in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and we all own walking sticks. I personally have 6 well-worn walking sticks and I personally have no broken bones.

Jesus is often depicted with a walking stickdoes this mean that he is lame?

My father has a small ranch and owns several horses. It is common knowledge that one mounts a horse from the near side or the horses left side. See Mounting 101.

Xenophon (427-355 BC) had written one of the first treatises on horsemanship in the Western World and one of the best accounts on Cyrus the Great.

While a young man, Xenophon participated in the expedition led by Cyrus the Younger against his older brother, the emperor Artaxerxes II of Persia, in 401 BC.

No doubt, Mr. Tut had a groom or horse handler that would have helped him to mount his donkey!

In the first case, the handler would have only held the horse steady.

In the second case, a mandatory knee-up would be offered to ones excited master. In both cases, if the master stabbed himself, he would indeed fall helpless to the ground resulting in several bones of the left leg.

How can a stupid accidents, not be allowed?

Tut did not plan his fate because he had a accident and literally Decayed to death.

In order to be transformed into an Osiris figure, it was considered necessary for him to suffer a brutal end which in fact took place in Thebes.


Titan and friends

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