Independent Dating Schemes
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Thanks, it is important to credit your sources.

Can we really "know with certainty that Nebuchadnezzar's 37th year was beyond doubt the Babylonian lunar-calendar year extending from April 12, 568 B.C. through April 12, 567 B.C."?

I hardly think so. There are too many factors that tend to confound the use of ancient astronomical (and especially lunar) records for dating. And thus far solutions have only been sought in the expected time periods. For example, see;article=4746;search_term=4956

It also doesn't account for catastrophes, e.g., the moon having been struck by a meteorite/asteroid of sufficient magnitude that any attempts at retrocalation are invalid.

A similar problem exists for C-14 dating. It has been biased for the expected chronology, and doesn't account for possible fluctuations. Unfortunately other promising dating techniques, such as tree-ring analysis, is subject to the same tendency to make it fit with the existing chronological framework.

Just so you know, I have no interest in bolstering a Creationist agenda or a Secular Humanist agenda. I'm just seeking a better understanding of the ancient world and the power it still holds over the modern one.

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