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Well, I can use your own words to verify what I explained earlier. You said to me..."You should know this is the PRAISE CHARLES AND HIS THEORY website. I offer no apologies for that" Well at least you admit this. You put a lot of love into this work right? Well, did it ever occur to you that the reason why people give you the courtesy to even visit or care what you or others had to say about these things was because perhaps they put love into their research and want to share too?

Charles, you've said this forum is an opportunity for others to reciprocate. I disagree since you often add too much chatter and obstruction. In my observation, this is why as you said People can go elsewhere and They have. Your usual technique is an over-reactionary style and you blow many things out of proportion towards the serious ones who try excercise the opportunity to share, exchange, reflect, reciprocate, or whatever word you want to use.

Charles, you waste more time with typing words being dramatic and emotional rather than just saying You DISAGREE with a conclusion one offers and exchanges. You never agree to disagree, its not in your blood.

Do I allow strangers to enter my home and say what they want? I must say YES I do allow guests to say what they want since I am not a Fascist, and I can then excercise the right to say I AGREE or DISAGREE, its simple really. No problem ever occured beyond that statement unless I attempted to be a "goose-stepping overreactionary". For that I am no fool but I am quite an upbeat host in my home and enjoy countless discussions in my home and others with no problem or feelings of my bubble being busted. Rather than responding with calm smooth feedback, you Charles plead your case and your views with more of a DEMAND rather than a professional presentation of evidence in a rational mood. How can a man have PMS 3 weeks in a month? I am not saying that on occasional a fruitloop doesn't spam here and there with religious ecstacy, but you seem to have a Fundamentalist Drive like some who have knocked on my door presenting pamphlets from their Church. For a non-religious man, you have a religious demeanor.

Charles Your Charm is ever so graceful.


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