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Sunusret II,

I've come here for quite sometime and I have never posted before. One thing I've noticed is that anything researched of fact or opinion contrary to Mr. Pope's is considered a RED FLAG and an ALARM to Mr. Pope, because it takes the spot light off his work and ego. This message is not intended as a heckle, but fact from a long term observation of people treated unfairly here. The one I see doing the most if not all the heckling really is from "Mr. Pope" words toward persons trying to offer him respect (though they have a mind of their own) and he spits in their faces none-the-less. Mr. Charles Pope does not offer professional discourse in his dilerious paranoia, nor does he want to hear other peoples ideas if he slightly or strongly disagrees with them. He at first fools you into the impression he intends on welcoming your opinion on a professional level, but he personally feels troubled when you excercise that option. I hope you understand this by now. Mr. Pope turns mole hills into mountains when it comes to anyone trying to hold Mr. Pope accountable for what he posts or if you actually assist in engagements with others here more interested in your ideas rather than Mr. Popes theoretical efforts. Mr Pope see any ideas other than his own as COMPETITION and he feels belittled or secondary in front of others who read these posts. If you haven't noticed by now, Mr. Pope doesn't look for opinions other than his own reflection. He is however looking for Pope-fearing "desciples" that only have time for his words, his ideas and his online book. He feels ripped off paying for this Domain website when he doesn't have all the attention written as his Gospel. Anything to the contrary will no doubt eventually receive condemnation by Mr Pope. You would think Mr. Pope would have the sense to WARN the required bahavorial beliefs as faith in his words only (discarding practically every other author on the subject out there) before you dare post anything and enter into discourse with him or others who give him the courtesy to visit his fringe views. This forum is not The Domain of Man, it is the ABSOLUTE DOMAIN OF CHARLES POPE!!! Omer

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