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I'm not speaking for EL-REB, and this is not from the online book, but the following was said by Howard Carter, and in itself hints of something seemly wrong.

"Its outer face was completely covered with gesso; upon this prepared surface there were a series of brilliantly coloured and exquisitely painted designs—hunting scenes upon the curved panels of the lid, battle scenes upon the sides, and upon the ends representations of the king in lion form, trampling his enemies under his feet. The illustrations (Burton's photos)… give but a faint idea of the delicacy of the painting, which far surpasses anything of the kind that Egypt has yet produced. No photograph could do it justice, for even in the original a magnifying glass is essential to a due appreciation of the smaller details, such as the stippling of the lions' coats, or the decoration of the horses' trappings.
…They remind you of…the finest Persian miniatures…"

Why would something appear so Persian like, 500, 600 or 700 years earlier, long before the Persians had that kind of influence on Egypt?

Though it's surreal to make Tut a Persian, really, is it not possible? IMHO, I would like to be open to all possibilities, not the "one" I have been taught.

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