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THATS WHAT WE ARE TRYING TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!! and in order for the baby to grow the baby needs DISCIPLINE in knowing what the baby CAN do and CAN'T do. Nobody ESPECIALLY not me has said "Charles this is ALL nonsense" or something like that..I embraced it as soon as I saw it. Were there "minor" things I didn't agree with? OF COURSE! Did I see a hint of a racial agenda? Sadly to say yes I did, but OH WELL what else is new in Ancient Egyptian revisionism. The bottom line is I never stopped supporting the site because I still agreed and agree with most of it. Do you really think when engineers created the first model "T" that they ALL agreed with each other?!?!? The best things in life created by men were created because of critical and analytical thinking and most importantly "DOUBT". So why do you expect this to be cookies and cream? The only HECKLERS and argumentive people were those with a religious agenda or those that TOTALLY dismissed the WHOLE THING. Not people like me that said "well, I think you need to look closer at this particular issue" or "how the hell is king tut a persian" or "the dynastic race theory has long been refuted" that is not fucking heckling dude and I am quite offended!!