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I’ll take a compliment when ever I can get one because many of the “Craziest” claims ever heard to mankind came from the “Smartest” men of their times.

But for the record, I am not a revisionist and not even sure what one is!

What “I am”…instead is an “historical investigator and researcher” who looks at all the evidence provided then assists other writers in presenting the most honest and truthful information (not) available to the public.

I am not bound to the current misrepresentations or arm bending “Gag” orders offered up by the academics. Charles did in fact offer the geneticist Scott Woodard of BYU, an interest in the results of his DNA testing. Scott Woodard knows that Zahi Hawass is selling a bag of “Poop”.

If you do not comprehend that Akhenaten and Tut-Ankh-Amen lived around 600 to 550 BC; then you might wish to cut your losses and run.

The Hebrew and Persian part is kid stuff… that even a 4th grader could understand.


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