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In the Bible, Joseph and Judah are half-brothers. By association, Thutmose IV and Yuya are half-brothers. But recently I've had some doubt that this was the exact biological relationship. Because Joseph was the firstborn son of Rachel, we have to be open to the possibility that he was not the biological son of Jacob, but sired by some other member of the royal family, perhaps even one who was typecast as a Cain figure! Cain was the father of Enoch, the archetypal Joseph.

If Biblical Joseph (Yuya) was not the biological son of Jacob (Amenhotep II), then this might explain why Ephraim (Aye), the true son of Judah (Thutmose IV), was favored over Manasseh (Aanen), the true son of Joseph.

Arriving at a precise royal genealogy is very tricky business. All the clues have to be considered. I wish that DNA testing could provide the means of removing the uncertainty. Unfortunately, our ability to perform DNA testing on ancient mummies is limited, and we are not always sure that mummies were identified correctly in antiquity by the priests that restored them.

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