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You must have better connections than I do, because I have not been able to tap into any forensic results, relative to DNA, carbon-14 dating or blood testing relating to King Tut-Ankh-Amen!

There is no question as to Tut’s father being Akhenaten (Amen IV), yet his mother could have been Tye or Nefertiti.

Yuya, Tuya, Tye, Aye, Ramose and Akhenaten all came from the town of Akhmin (Chemmis/Panopolis) which is located in the county of Thebes in Upper Egypt.

Yuya was originally a member of the priesthood of Min (Amen), Lord of Akhmin and a prophet of that god as well as superintendent of his herds of Oxen (the Ox of Min).

The statue Meryetamun, the fourth daughter of Ramose II, and Queen Nefertari is located in Akhmin. The city is also famous for its papyri and for its tapestries. Among the papyri, the fragments known as the "Gospel of Peter" and “Mary Magnolia and Jesus” are included.

This town is most famous as being the home of Perseus and the “House of Zeus”. The term Persian comes from this relationship. Remember…Amen, Zeus and Jupiter are all the same.

First… Abraham the Hebrew from Mitanni; brought his blood-line to Egypt, then Joseph the Hebrew, brought his entire family.

King Tut was both a Hebrew, as well as a Persian.


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