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I try to look at all the possibilities in most of the stories.

Take the example from the story teller “Chaeremon”, where Amenhotep and his son Ramses are fighting with Moses and Joseph!

If Amenhotep were Amenhotep III and Moses were Akhenaten and Joseph were Yuya, then it would solve the problem why Akhenaten/Moses was fighting his not-so-father = Amenhotep III.

Joseph/ Yuya would have been more than happy to support his own son or better yet…Akhenaten’s mother Tye would have. In either case, they were protecting the “House of Zeus”.

Zeus…Amen…and Jupiter were the entire same house (Per-Zeus) vs. the house of Ra (Em-Per-Ra) or Ramses. I have often wondered if "Jew" evolved from Jupiter!


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