Jesus and the Ptolemies
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Robert Graves' "King Jesus" may still be in print, at least it was when I bought my paperback copy. There are some old forum posts. You should be able to find them using the search feature. Oscar Calle Mesa brought it to our attention. I don't know how Graves fingered Antipater as the father. Maybe this was only a great mythographer's intuition that the Herodian family had to have been involved somehow.

The association of Ptolemy Philometer with Hasmonean Mattathias and Parthian Mithradates, along with the association of his brother Ptolemy Euergetes II with Orodes of Parthia and Aretes of Petra breaks the fields of New Testament and Intertestament studies wide open! It is now obvious that Jesus was related to the Ptolemies as well as Nabataean and Parthian rulers.