There is a "New Bible" known as "Oahspe", channeled by an American dentist/spiritualist Dr. John Ballou Newbrough in the late 19th century, where he claimed to recieve the texts from angelic beings. Oahspe is also the sacred scripture of a minority religion known as Faithism.

Oahspe devoted a large section on ancient Egypt, especially on the building of the Great Pyramid, Osiris, Moses and the Pharaoh, etc, as well as on ancient China, India, Persia and a lost continent known as "Pan". However, those recorded this "Bible" can be radically different from our current understanding of ancient Egypt.

I have a copy of this book, given to me by a Californian Faithist. This hard-cover tome has more than 1,000 pages, together with countless cryptic illustrations.

There had been some harsh critiques on this book by several ex-Faithists and fundamentalist Christians.

I wish to hear you praises, comments, critiques, rebuttals on this book from historical and egyptological viewpoints.

Below is a link of the online version of Oahspe:

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