Looking at KV 35
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In the mummy cache of KV 35 (Amenhotep II) we find three bodies without coffins; Elder Lady, Boy, and Younger Lady. For our purposes, these folks were from the family of Akhenaten.

The coffins of KV 63 turn out to have no bodies, thus is there a connection?

Elder Lady had hair samples found in the tomb of King Tutankhamen. She is said to be approximately 45 years old and also has evidence of eye damage of the left eye. The head statue of a woman labeled as that of Nefertiti, also shows damage of the left eye. I have always wondered why this evidence has been overlooked!

It is my hunch that 45 years old would be much too young to be that of Queen Tiy, leaving Nefertiti as a better choose for the mother of Tutankhamen.

This said, I would guess that the Younger Lady is a daughter of Akhenaten and the Boy as being his brother (Tuthmosis V).


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