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This is cool. For the earlier qustion, what does Moses mean. Well Moses means frist born. It is rumored that Moses and Aknaten are one and the same. The time frame fits and the story is the extremely simular. Also Moses changed his name to Moses. The eqyptians stand firm that he was an eqyptian. He was raised by Isrealites in order to protect his right at the throne. His older brother was killed and his mother Tyie(SP?) moved him out of egypt to a city on the out skirts until he was old enough to be schooled by high priests in another part of Egypt. He later married Neffratti(SP?) and was said to be a great loving family man. He did rise to be the Pharo but he attempted to change thousands of years of Eqytian history by claiming one God. He ordered all the old Gods to be torn down and a city to built for his followers. After a period of time the upper Egytian priests had to get rid of him, he was not killed but he was made to leave Egypt. He lived East of Egypt for some twenty years until he went back to proclaim his followers and what he believed to be (he was still the pharo). This story is almost exact to the story of Moses and it sure seems to make scence. Moses's family, was allowed to stay in Egypt as long as they disowned Moses and as a result, youg Tut and Neffratti herself, become rightfull Pharos. Makes you wonder who was really in charge the Pharo or the priests?