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SAR-y if I can´t be of much help this time. The following are only some random thoughts on the names you mentioned:

Cyrus, of course, is Latin for Greek 'Kuros' and Old Persian 'Korosh' or 'Khourvash' (Khour = Sun; vash = like). Thus Cyrus: "The Sunlike". Seems a bit far-fetched IMO to link his name to Orus, who is apparently Akhenaten in Manetho´s king-list.

Osarseph sounds like Asar-Seph. Asar, of course, is Osiris. The Egyptian 'seph' carries a lot of various meanings. Perhaps, in some ways, it´s related to Greek 'Sophia' as well as "Sufism". Thus, "wisdom, purity, etc".