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Yes, I agree that ideas (and not least the ideas put forth by our friend Charles Pope at this site) must be digested and mused upon over some length of time. So I don´t think we can arrive at any "final conclusions" at this point. We´ve just shared some ideas, and that´s fine enough for the time being, I guess.

By the way, are you familiar with this book on the Black Sea and the "Flood of Noah"?


Wow, you´re half Lithuanian! Then you sure got a great ancient tradition to tap into. Are you familiar with these roots of yours? Do you speak Lithuanian?

I have no fixed idea at all about the Sumerians, except that they appear quite mysterious to me. Some say they were black people, Andis Kaulins (see the sites I referred to in my previous post) think they were blond and fair-skinned people. Perhaps there´s a connection between Cimmerians, Sumerians, and Samarians as he suggests on the basis of the Latvian 'Ziemeli', "Northerners"?


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