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Thanks for the corrections but after reviewing Norse mythology, most of the data appears to be too modern.

There should be very little doubt that Pilot Njord was chief of the Vanir as well as king of the Svear and did occupy dwelling places around Lake Van in Turkey. I’ll even accept their connection with Troy and Memnon king of Kush around 650 BC (18th dynasty).

I was hoping to find something a little older but the “Experts” have so corrupted time, it is dearly impossible to locate correct information! Both myth and lies contain about 80% truth which allows us the cumbersome task of filtering out the trash. White colored skin, blue eyes, blond and red hair had to have come from somewhere!

The oldest known, sea worthy boats have been located in England. The next question would be, “where did they come from”? Better yet, where did Noah come from?


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