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Hi again, ELREB,

Thanks for bringing up some Norse flavor to this discussion of ours! I happen to dwell in Sweden, and so the ancient Norse tradition is dear to me.

Strange enough, the old sagas of the North tell about Njord Sveakonung ("Njord, king of the Svear or later, the Swedes") who was the son of Yngve Turkakonung ("Yngve, king of the Turks").

In the Norse mythology, Njord (whose name probably means "strength, might", though; 'Northri' is "North") was one of the Vaner (or Vans) from Vanaheim ("Home of the Vans"). However, he was taken as a hostage by the Aesir (or Ases) and brought to Asgarth. Njord was the god of the winds and the sea, the protector of seafarers and fishermen.

He got married to the giantess Skade (Scandinavia?). However, they couldnt stand each others dwelling places. Njord hated the snowy mountains and the howling of the wolves, while Skade (the goddess of skiing and bow and arrow hunting) couldnt stand the seaside and the crying of seagulls. So they had to live apart. Njord became the father of Frey ("the Lord") and Freya ("the Lady").

In many ways the "Wise Vaner" are looked upon as superior even to the Aesir (Ases) who in the myths are always closer to the human world.

Wow, Lake Van! One may wonder, is there some sort of connection between the "Vaner" of Norse mythology and Lake Van or the city of Van in Turkey? Between the Turkish Van and the ancient mythic "Vanaheim", the home of Njord the Seafarer, the son of "Yngve Turkakonung"?

Any idea?


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