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I am just amazed when you look at the Babylonian kings list how many “Sars” show up!

Only to list a few; Nabu shar iskun, Nabonnassar, Nabu nadin zer, Tiglath pil cser, Shalmancser, Esarhahhon, Nabopolassar, Nebuchadrezzar, Belshazzar and so on!

Even if you only look Tyrian purple of the Murex mollusks, corrected dates go back to no more than 1000 BC. Here againt archaeological evidence for the origins of purple dyes points to the Minoan civilization in Crete, about 1200 BC. Somewhere there is a clue in the word Phoenicia “land of the purple”. These folks seemed to have there own alphabet, which is considered to be the mother of Modern writing?

They traveled the Seas, far and wide and according to Egyptian traditions the official scribe Thoth along with Osiris traveled with them to learn writing.

According to Norse tradition, the Pilot was Njorth (North) the chief of Vanir; god of sea and father of Freya (Friday). The Vanir were an early race of north-men who lived with the “Aesir” in “Asgard”.

Better yet, is the lake in the center of the Uratian kingdom “Lake Van” capital of Tushpa (Kush) from about 1000 BC which is on the site of Van City.

Thought you might enjoy the Norwegian flavor!


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