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Thanks for the link. Very interesting this Crocus Sativus with its precious golden stigmas and fragrant purple flowers. It seems to have played a very important role in the Minoan civilization of Crete, to judge from the many fresco paintings of saffron-gatherers and saffron-colored robes. In Greece, Eos, the Goddess of Dawn, seems to have been looked upon also as the "Saffron Mother", thus linking saffron to the rising of the golden Sun. With its purple flowers, this herb may of course have been associated with royalty as well.

The Sumerian name for saffron, 'har-sag-sar', brings us another 'sar', which seems to mean, though, "to enclosure", "garden plot" and to be the determinative for herbs and vegetables. Searching for this name, I stumbled upon yet another 'Sar': Sariel the Archangel, whose name seems to mean "Rule of God" just like Israel. He used to be looked upon as the "Angel of Death" and the one "who taught Moses all his knowledge".

The association of Minos of Crete with the Egyptian Min is highly interesting, of course, although at present I have nothing to say about this. Sorry, too, I have no hunches about Kanu/Cain.


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