Purple or Yellow
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I think we are starting to hit pay-dirt. “Crocus Sativus” or “Azupiranu” in Akkadian and ”Har-sag-sar” in Sumerian, may be a great clue.

You can read the run-down at:

Thou this site do not give the actual color; we get the impression that this plant represents “Royal Purple”. It is indicated to be "one of the sources of wealth to the lords of Knossos” (Minoan Crete).

This is a very important because “Min” appears to be one of the original founders of Memphis and Akhmim (Egypt) the center of the cult of the ithyphallic god Min.

Once one removes the “bogus” 800 years, which the experts have arbitrarily added, we can begin the process of discovery.

I have always had the “hunch” that Min came from Crete.

Your thoughts on any of the above!

Also, is it possible that “Kanu” could equal Cain?


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