City of Saffron
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Wow, I like that "Em per Ra"!

On the 'gon' of Sargon, I found the following:

ENTRY: kwn.
DEFINITION: To be, be(come) firm, true. Sargon, from Hebrew sargn, from Akkardian Sharru-kn, the king is true, legitimate, from kn, predicate form of knu, verbal adjective of knu, to be(come) firm, true (Sharru, king; see Shrr).

So 'gon' or 'kwn' is truly "true", it seems. Azupiranu is referred to as the "saffron-colored city", and maybe azupiranu means "saffron".

"Anu" sounds much like An(u) or On, the ancient Egyptian City of the Sun (Greek Heliopolis), the center for the priesthood of Ra as well as the most renowned center of learning in the ancient world. In Greek, On means "Being", appropriately symbolized by the Sun.


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