Maat Sar
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Thanks to you, I get to edit my web site, this weekend.

Many of my ideas are based on “hunches”. I have always felt comfortable with Sar, Czar, Tsar, Csar, Zar, Kiasar, and Ceasar as being equal words along with Emperor or Em per Ra (in the house of RA). And I really like the “Sir” word fitting nicely into this pattern.

My next question deals with Sar-gon of Azupir-Anu. Sar-gon is said to mean = true king. We already understand the meaning of Sar but does “Gon” really mean “true”!

Cyrus always used “mat (maat) Sar” to equal true king.

What do you think?

Also, what about the city of “Anu”! As in Anuk.

At least 7 kings claim to rule “Heqa" Iunu "Anu". Is this the missing town of Cain and where might it be located?


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