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Since Asar and Ast are very ancient Egyptian deities, it seems rather obvious that these names should have existed long before the Greek transcriptions Osiris and Isis.

The name "Israel" is generally explained as being derived from 'sar' (Hebrew SR), "ruler, lord, prince" or 'sarar' (Hebrew SRR), "to have dominion, to rule" and 'el', "god, or El".

'Sar', of course, is quite the same as Czar, Sir, etc. And how about the last part of Balshazzar?

In "The Hebraic Tongue Restored" by Fabre dOlivet (1767-1825), the following explanations of the roots Is-Ra-El are given:

Is (Yod-Shin): The state of being; being manifested in substance.

Ra (Resh-Aleph): Radius, ray; visibility.

El (Aleph-Lamed): Force, power, elevation; god.

'Ra', of course, in Egyptian, is the name of the Sun and the great Sun-god Ra, as well as the life-force that permeates all creation. Therefore, it also means "action, work" and "to do". 'Rai' is "light, flame, fire". In Hebrew, 'ra-ah' (RAH) means "to see", and 'marah' (MRAH) is "mirror".


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