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Well, the opening letters of the so-called "Ten Commandments" read: "Anoki Yah-Hawah..." (in Hebrew letters: ANKIYHWH) which sounds to me like a trim little creation story: Anoki ("I am") Yah (the Male) Hawah (the Female), thus presenting (like the Top Triad of the Qabbalah Tree of Life) the universal principles of Unity, Action and Passivity, or Consciousness, Movement and Matter, or the Trinity if you like.

Anuk Asar:

'As' signifies Unity and the universal, primordal principle; "to be", or "to have power".

'As(e)t' (Greek "Isis"), is in Egyptian the female form of 'As', translated "throne, place, abode".

'As-Sar' (Greek "Osiris") is thus the primordial King or Ruler.

Then, how about Asar-El for "Israel"?


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