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I could go on and on with all this blathering yet one might take the time to note that in the Amarna tablets (1300 BC) written in Akkadian cuneiform, read exactly as the Cyrus II cylinder of 538 BC.

Amarna tablet #17 reads:

a-na mNi-ib-mu-a-ri-ia ar mt Mi-is-ri-I


Niibmuariia Sar (king) maat Miisrii = Egypt delta. * Nibmuaria was one of the names of Amenophis III, who reigned in Egypt approximately 1386-1349 BCE.

The Cyrus cylinder was found in Nineveh, Iraq and was written around 538 BC in Akkadian cuneiform and later translated by Robert W. Rogers in 1912.

Ilu Marduk belu rabu

Marduk the great lord

i-te-'-e-ma ma-al-ki i- a-ru bi-bil lib-bi it-ta-ma-a h qa-tu-u- m Ku-ra-aar ali An- -an it-ta-bi ni-bi-it-su a-na ma-li-ku-tim kul-la-ta nap- h ar iz-zak-ra -[ma- u]

He searched; he looked through them and sought a righteous prince after his own heart, which he took by the hand. He called Cyrus, king of Anshan, by name; he appointed him to lordship over the whole world.

Notice that Cyrus is called Ku ra as Sar (King) of An sa an (possibly = As suan or Aswan).

Later Cyrus writes:

a-na-ku mKu-ra-a ar ki- at arru rabu arru dan-nu ar Babili ar mt -me-ri Ak-ka-di ar kib-ra-a-ti ir-bit-tim.

I am Cyrus, king of the world, the great king, the powerful king, king of Babylon, king of Sumer and Akkad, king of the four quarters of the world.

Notice that I am (anaku) Kura Assar (Osiris) is the core of the Cyrus cylinder!

What are the odds that Sar = King = Czar or Anuk/Anaku = I am, did not change for 800 years?


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