Pro-Seleucid Jesus
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I don't think there were any shortage of people named Jesus (or the equivalent) in any era. Possibly Acharya S refers to the prominent Zadokite/Jew named Jason (equivalent to Jesus) who aligned himself with the Seleucids and was appointed High Priest by them.

It wouldn't have been clear to the Zadokite family whether the Seleucids or Ptolemies would ultimately prevail in their ongoing feud, and so the Zadokites became a family divided against itself in their loyalties. This was certainly a pattern that repeated in the days of Jesus of Nazareth. Would Herodian revolutionaries prevail or would Rome?

The Zadokite line of Honi the Circle Drawer was perhaps the only
Zadokite line that survived, and amazingly even regained the priesthood in Jerusalem due to the Roman equestrian status they acquired. So, it should now not be surprising that Honi remained an honored figure all the way up until the destruction of Jerusalem.

Robert Eisenman argues that James (bro. of Jesus) tried to assume the role of Honi. The association has merit, even if James was only assuming the more generic role of Osiris (archetypal Hanan/Honi). Remember that Elijah was also of this primary type, and that he was famous for drawing a circle (trench) on Mt. Carmel around a sacrificial bull and filling it with water before having it consumed with fire ("baptizing with water and fire"). It also should be noted that James was not of Honi's line, and that he was in fact murdered by direction of High Priest Ananias who was.