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Thanks a lot, Charles, for sharing your comments. Finkelstein & Silberman tend to place the composition of the Torah and most of the other writings as early as the end of the 7th century B.C. However, I guess the final bringing together of the whole thing is a much later accomplishment.

And the Septuagint, what do you think, do we REALLY know when that translation was actually made? I mean, can the account of Josephus be trusted? Maybe it was not done until a lot later, well into Maccabean times, when the Hebrew writings may have had their final polish?

What is, after all, the earliest known date for the existence of the Septuagint?

(Will these things ever be straightened out?)

By the way, today I received the other F&S book, "David and Solomon - In Search of the Bibles Sacred Kings and the Roots of the Western Tradition" - it will be interesting to see what more they have to say.

Yours truly, Helge

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