Re: Jesus in India, Before or After Crucifixion?

“In his fourteenth year young Issa, the Blessed one, came to this side of Sindh and settled among Aryans, in the country beloved of God” (V:I) When Jesus condemned the Brahmans openly: “The white priests and the warriors when learnt of Issa’s discourses with the Sudras, resolved upon his death, and sent their servantes to slay him.” (Life of Saint Issa, p.V. 1:1)
On learning about this plot. Christ left for Nepal. Therefrom passing through several countries he reached Palestine. (Ibid., viii 24) This statement proves that Christ had visited Kashmir twice.Firstly he came in his early life with merchandise, and secondly when after escaping death on the cross. This time, while migrating , his mother Mary was with him. He spent some time in Taxila, which was a centre of learnening and literature during those days. (See Nineteenth Century, Oct. 1894, p. 515)
p. 64-65,Christ in Kashmir, Aziz Kashmiri
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