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Eddie Larry,

I hope you understand my reluctance to post data on Charles site. He is very correct in stating that this is a private discussion board of which he administrates. He has spent thousands of many untold wearisome hours developing his theory and thus I can relate to and understand his distain towards exterior fault finders of which I am not.

One of your best examples of DNA that slipped thru the fingers of denial is that of priest USERMONTU, son of Besenmut, priest of the god Montu, Lord of Thebes.

Usermontu was purchased from the Neiman-Marcus catalog in 1971. Using modern medical-procedures on the mummy (who also lost a tooth to DNA analysis), a team of doctors and scientists after very exhaustive study determined that the Egyptian priest died in about 600 B.C.

Usermontu is still mentioned in tombs dating to the time of Ramesses II.

Usermontu is depicted in the tomb of Khons, called To (TT31). Usermontu is said to be born of Maia. His father is not mentioned. Usermontu is also depicted in the tomb of the High Priest of Sobek, Hatiay (TT324) and in the tomb of Amenemope (TT 148) which dates to the time of Ramesses III.

Theban tomb 33 belongs to Khons, also called Ta.

His tomb dates to the time of Ramses II, but he and his family stretch over quite a long time period.

Khons bother is mentioned in his tomb and he is a man by the name of Usermontu. He was a Vizier. The only Vizier by the name of Usermontu actually served under Tutankhamen. This must mean that Khons must have also overlapped with Tutankhamen.

Quite few family members are mentioned with respect to the brothers Khons and Usermontu:

Nebneshyt, standard bearer of the great regiment of Nebmaatre, is Khonsus grandfather

Neferhotep and Tausert are the parents of Khonsu.

Raia, Nay, Huy, Montuhotep are further brothers of Khonsu. (Besides Usermontu)

A sister Tentiunyt is mentioned

Khonsu has wives named Ruia and Mutiay and possibly another wife named Maay.

He has sons named Huy and Khaemwaset, and daughters named Iament and Uiay

Many of the men in the family are lector priests of Montu and the women serve as chantresses of Montu.

This makes one wonder what happened to the family during the reign of Akhenaten. The grandfather was apparently in the service of Nebmaatre, i.e. Amenhotep III.

Its hard to tell when Usermontu and Khons would have been of an age to take on serious positions. Usermontu must have done something else before he became Vizier, so he may have served under Akhenaten. He probably would have gone under a different name. My guess would be that being named after Montu would not go over well in the Aten period.