Plausible Deniability

Lyn-Marie Taylor,

Charles Pope is not afraid of anything, but apparently you are! Academic debate can only begin with an open mind, which you appear to lack. Academics are slow to embrace new ideas, and those most worthy of embracing because you are afraid to be challenged.

“The most favorite in the presence of God is the most pious of you”. Liberation is in those who do not set!

The most common way used for dating time in Egypt, was the clock we call the Dog Star "Sirius". From this Star clock and a little simple math, most histories are created out of thin air. To add to the fire, Experts date by Pottery and by not metal...the Bronze Age is not actually related to Bronze! No Wonder!

This set the stage for 1000 years of misinformation as set forth by the British academia.

Amenhotep III was said to be the father/stepfather of Amenhotep IV or Akhenaton. It is well known in genealogy that inheritance comes from the female line.

In Akhenaton’s case his mother was Akhminian or the Al- Akmininian Persians in the 6th century as taught by the Department of History, Kuwait University (KU). The Achaemenian (Achaemenid) and the Akhminid (Akhmim in Egypt) are all considered as being equal words.

Cyrus the Great fought back against Babylon and freed the people from its punishment. He endeavored to teach the wisdom of God to both his sons as well as the people, but nay they were struck deaf by the prospects of money and its power.

The identity of Kings very well may not have changed but their order of succession did.

Look at the current Royal Family of England. They all live at the exact same time. If Prince Andrew were to become king while his father Charles, Grandfather Philip, and Queen Elizabeth are still alive, you can not stack 200 years upon then by assuming they were dead!

DNA testing on mummies of the past has already been completed, yet the results being allowed 'officially', is impossible due to the FACT that the results disprove current belief.

Politics and academic funding create “Plausible Deniability” which is an open door for the abuse of authority. Once you remove the “Dog Clock” all you have left is a shovel full of sand. Please leave Mr Pope alone, whom I consider as a brother, and an intellectual scholar due supreme respect.


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