Re: Let a Sleeping Academic Lie

All of the information I have posted does amount to pearls being thrown to swine. But debating this information is where I draw the line - that would be wrestling with swine! Although my model cannot be proven in a scientific sense, it is proven "beyond reasonable doubt", that is, in a legal sense. The Patriarchs stand convicted of being pharaohs and kings.

If you or anyone else wants an open debate, it can be done elsewhere. I'm not interested in doing that here or even participating at another venue. Nowhere in my on-line book do you find the word "I". So why do "I" need to personally remain involved. The purpose of publishing is to objectify a theory. That has been done. My role is finished.

If society as a whole does not want to value what has been offered, so be it. But the cards are on the table. Necessary and sufficient "evidence" has been presented. The hand is a "royal flush", so you either accept that the game is over or go on living in denial.

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