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What are you afraid of Mr Pope, the truth or the debate? Delete the arguments if you wish, you will not end academic debate that easily! I will be back on your site when I have completed my research as I believe that all new ideas are worthy of attention and debate, even if they are way out. Academics are not slow to embrace new ideas, at least not those worthy of embracing and we are not afraid to be challanged either. You get the odd exception to the rule, such as Ken Kitchen, but most experts are open to new ideas and allow their work to be examined by others. That is how things advance and new finds are being considered all the time. We have even given the chronology close consideration and there are some who do believe that it is out by some years, but not by 800 or so. Also the identity of kings does not change radically even with some movement in dating. It takes a lot more evidence than this. I have my own theories on dating which some academics would question, but I do not claim to have proof or concrete evidence that this is a final dating, I merely say look at this and judge for yourselves. There are others also with new ideas, some of them radical, but some within the tradition of historical accuracy. Joanne Fletcher believes she has found Nefertti, but the proof that she believes that she has cannot be entirely verfified due to a lack of DNA testing being allowed 'officially', but that does not mean she is wrong. Nor can it confirm that she is right, but her theories are being looked at closely and she has support as well as enemies within the academic community. There are several debates about 'foreign workers' in Egypt because it is not considered to be kosher to claim that their were slaves in Egypt. The jury is out on this one, just as the debate on the Hebrews in Egypt is also furiously contested by people for and against the argument. I for one believe that they were not only present, but played a big role in Egyptian political and social development. They were a political threat of some kind or they would not have been driven out or killed. I cannot prove it, but the search goes on to find something. The Egyptians hated foreigners, but they still lived with them and traded with them and adapted their own culture to use the new ideas brought by the Hyksos, for example, as can be seen by the adoption of the chariot to defeat them in warfare. Ideas regarding the dating of Egyptian history are not that new either. David Rohl and Velikovsky both believed that the chronolgy was out by at least 300 years. The difference with David Rohl and you, Mr Pope, however, is that he says look at my ideas, they may be right and they may not be. I am open to scrutiny just as every other academic is. No, there are plenty of new ideas around being looked at, and there are new descoveries that re-write history all the time. However, it is when people make claims that are totally outlandish and cannot be given any credance without presenting the evidence, and when we can show that those claims are not true that academics do not give them any real attention. There is no evidence that any of the Biblical Patriarchs were Pharaohs and there is no evidence that some of the historical persons that we do have a lot of verified facts about fit into your re-shaping of world events. If you cannot present your evidence, then please do not insult my intelligence or make such wild claims without being prepared to come under some sort of critical assessment yourself. I have read other alternative histories before and there is nothing here that has not already been said by Osman for example. Present your evidence. I would love to give credance to your ideas. They are challanging, but from what I have seen up to now, this is not possible.

The Sleeping Academic Will Not Lie Down
I will be back when I have completed my research. Or are you afraid of honest debate?