Re: Serendipitous Discovery or Imparted Knowledge

Hi Charles,

I posted this on Graham Hancock as well. The folks there do not think the author's theories work in regard to the Giza Pyramids. Archae S., for example, thinks the limestone used in the GP did not have enough conductive power to do what the authors suggest, an ionizer to release nitrates from the air.

Oh well, the theoru in the book still is interesting. The authors surmise that the techniques came from observation and trial and error rather than divine intervention! They surmise that the "gods" were personifications of Earth electromagnetic energies rather than vice versa. For example, Tlaloc the Aztec god of lightning and fertility, was just that a personification of the life giving aspects of these forces.

Oh well, I had a good time with this book. Have a great day!

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