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Diane, I would not call this a genealogy, per se. I see you have incorporated many of the associations made here, so I do give you credit for that (grin).

I don't think there were any other distinct royal lineages apart from the main ruling house in the Near East. Instead, the main line of kings was continually grafting itself onto various ethnic groups in order to gain acceptance as their rulers. This I think simplifies the genealogy work in that there is really only one line that we need to fully understand.

Also, there does not seem to be any independent Greek history prior to the Fall of Troy, and perhaps not until the Classical Period. In other words, they were just a another set of ethnic groups that were dominated by the main royal house, and whose leaders were appointed from among the members of the ruling family.

Greek history was perhaps only disjointed recollections of Near Eastern history. But, we can still recognize that the one ruling family had a significant influence in Greece throughout the dynastic age. Moreover, the Macedonian kings of Greece were a continuation of that one ruling family.