The Core of Cognition *LINK*

Cognitive History is an inter-disciplinary study of both the mind and the intellect. It embraces philosophy, psychology, linguistics, heretical background, political pressures & gains, personal feelings, and in many cases a virtual denial of existence as it applies to “What really happen”.

Human thinking is limited, as far as short term memory, to about seven items. Ancient historians are sometimes required to satisfy policy and overwrite common sense, thus keeping their heads as well as their income.

Deductive reasoning and analogical problem solving help modern researchers, such as Charles and I; as well as many others to develop theoretical frameworks. Theoretical frameworks, unlike traditional frameworks are allowed to examine and be examined by different approaches of knowledge. And this is what separates us COWBOYS from the cattle and the sheep. The wolves bare their bloody teeth, snarling as to scare us off. But nay, it is they who fear us the most and bark the loudest.

Analogy is a basic human reasoning process used in science, literature, art, education, and politics to make predictions, provide explanations, and restructure our knowledge. Analogy is also used to influence public opinion, fight battles, win wars, start and finish relationships, and advertise laundry detergent.

The surf was good this year and the Albatross fly high in the sunsets of the mythical Bali Hai.