Jered, Irad, and Jacob
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Jered or Jared (not Jerod) is a name meaning, "a descent" and is derived from a root word meaning "to go downward", figuratively to a lower region, or to fall. The "role model" of Patriarch Jered was the earlier Patriarch Irad, meaning "fugitive". Irad is itself the name given in the Book of Geneis for the god Re, who was associated particularly with the Great Pyramid of Lower Egypt, and who also took an infamous fall after authorizing the murder of Osiris. One of Re's angelic names is Lucifer, who of course is associated with falling from grace and going down to Hell. Re is also referred to elsewhere in the Bible as the devilish Belial.

There are still other Biblical names based on the memory of Re. One is Jacob, a character that is modeled after the early career of Re, that is, when Re was crafty and grabbed the throne of Egypt from the god Geb. To fulfill his typecasting, the Patriarch Jacob also has to "go down to (Lower) Egypt" and overcome his brutish rival Esau.

The Biblical character Moses also reflects the life of Re, but after he "killed an Egyptian" and had to flee Egypt and seek exile. In the forms of Jacob and Moses, the memory of Re is redeemed and sanctified rather than villified.

The historical identity of Jered is pharaoh Senusret II of the Egyptian Middle Kingdom. Patriarch Jacob corresponds to Amenhotep II of the Egyptian New Kingdom. He is known for transferring the capital from Thebes of Upper Egypt to Memphis in Lower Egypt.