Multiple Eruptions of Thera
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I was watching a show on the eruption of Thera/Santorini and the town Akrotiri that was buried by ash. The show stated that Thera has erupted nine times since about 200 B.C. However, they didn't say anything about eruptions before 200 B.C. other than the major eruption circa 1600 B.C.

It made me think that the town of Akrotiri may have actually been built after the major eruption and then buried by a subsequent minor eruption. The same eruption that buried Akrotiri apparently did not totally devastate the Minoan culture on the nearby island of Crete. If the Minoan culture had existed prior to the major eruption, wouldn't we expect an immediate and complete devastation of all Minoan occupations on Crete? The picture doesn't seem to add up.

One researcher states:

"The consecutive Thera volcano eruptions have caused such a confusion to the attempts for chronological definition of the great disaster, that even today they assume it has occurred in 1450 B.C."

Does he mean that the major eruption was 1628 B.C. and another (minor) eruption occurred in 1450 B.C.?

The above site also says the relation between the Thera eruption and the reign of Thutmose III is not valid.