Family Genealogies
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You're welcome Diane. I have seen some of these family histories posted on the web that stretch back to pharaonic times. I don't personally know what to think about this phenomenon.

Yet, I do know that if historical/chronological accuracy really matters (and surprisingly it doesn't matter in academia or to society in general), then the researcher must seriously look at all available solutions, and even be prepared to develop new ones. There are always other explanations for things, including the right explanation.

Although I don't expect anybody to stand up and say that I'm completely accurate (I don't believe that myself), I am encouraged to hear from people that already are convinced that something very special and important is happening here.

When someone claims that I don't give my sources, that is a clue to their mentality about research. In academia, what is stated is often less important than who states it.

I don't claim any special revelation. I'm working with the same evidence/data as everyone else, and I do provide the sources (books, articles, etc) where that data is published. However, I've put that information together in a way that finally makes sense! This makes me a source, yes, a new authority, at least for those who accept the theory and want to start working within it.

There are many people, especially academics, that are incapable of recognizing a breakthrough. They have to wait until someone they respect (an authority/expert) tells them that it is a breakthrough, or wait until the bandwagon has formed and jump on! I suppose we need a new branch of sociology that studies academic culture, sort of like the one that studies corporate culture.