Let a Sleeping Academic Lie

Hi Ozzie,

Thanks for clarifying that to our mystery guest and self-proclaimed academic expert. I have deleted the thread. I really shouldn't allow myself to get spun up by every off-the-wall post(er).

For everyone's benefit, let me explain (if it isn't already obvious) that this site exists to nurture a new concept. I'm not interested in trying to destroy it before it is fully developed. Also, as one reader (Gary Lahar) put it, "this is not a pardigm shift, it is a paradigm toss". There is no potential for compromise with the existing academic model of the ancient world, so debate with academics is pointless. It is an all-or-nothing proposition.

Academia is very slow to recognize any new idea, either to coddle or crush it. And since this idea is potentially devastating to academia it will be ignored by academia as long as possible and then attacked with demonic fury. Old institutions die hard.

So for now, I prefer to let this web site simmer. It's much too premature for it to come to boil. There are many areas that need more work. And some elements, such as interpreting the Adam and Eve narrative must remain sketchy. But truly, the framework of a new system is quite well established.

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