Akhenaten and Cyrus *LINK*

I wanted to personally congratulate you for both your honest efforts and unique abilities, because you champion an enormous cause. Radical as we both are, we also posses a cognitive understanding of the unknown, that the main stream experts refuse to investigate.

These so-called “Experts” have corrupted the truth to such a point that reality no longer exists. The major fact that history dating is some 600 to 800 years off; is flicked off as though it were an annoying insect.

It is indeed an injustice to any literary work to label it as a deliberate, exaggerated misrepresentation presented to gain monetary revenues, when it is rather an avenue to an open door to at least question “what reality” really is.

My personal views are only listed as “Guesses of the month”, and are flexible enough to invite additional thought and not an invitation to general ridicule by those who refuse enlightenment.

Please keep up to this enormous challenge.


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Cognitive Understanding of the Unknown