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Sorry for the delayed response....I have tried responding and have spun into an ever increasing insanity where economics and spirituality converge....also I have been distracted by my own person drama of wealth building/administration. (tax season and all).

Regarding hunter/gather...your point is right on...yet..the business of eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is running its course....if we accept the assumption that men and all mankind is possessed of "self" awareness...the world in which we exist suggests to us that our "self" is finite.....we then go about the business of building wealth.....the "stuff" that sustains the human experience on this planet....the quantity of enlightenment in the human consciousness is finite but expanding....up until recently the plan was such that the "kings" were those most adept not necessarily in building wealth as much as they were in seizing it and then administrating its utilization (with variable levels of self-lessness and selfishness).....

The tremendous lift I get out of the mounting physical evidence supporting the allegorical rather than historic nature of that scripture is the place where the rules regarding the building and utilization of wealth come from....also...on a literal level scripture suggests that only a certain type is "saved" the rest are destined to eternal damnation...if there are those who "warrant abundance" and those who "warrant scarcity" in the eyes of a benevolent creator...its a logic that fails on particular those who do not have access to resources have on occasion resorted to violence to take it from those who do.

The business of give a man a fish and you will always need to give him a fish is also right on...rather to make him an SBA loan so he can purchase fishing equipment....increase the supply of fish in the market...feed himself...and keep prices in check by maximizing supply.

Man is either spiritual in nature or he is not....if he is than he is in fact an element of the infinite....the infinite is the reality and the finite is the illusion....What's the game then...perhaps it is to gain this awareness (seems to be right at the heart of the christ "resurrection" message)....and contribute to continuing rapid expansion of enlightenment and wealth...the "fear" underlying our sense of scarcity may all of mankind gains access to the resources necessary to sustain the human drama....and gain their own enlightenment...

Seems to me that the hunter/gather example is like that story of the person who lives in the most beautiful place yet is restless...set out on a journey to find something better...suffers greatly and then returns home only to truly appreciate what he has always had....but the joy was impossible to him with the knowledge of the ugly alternatives.