James and Stephen
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In Acts, Stephen was stoned to death. According to Christian tradition, this event took place about 36-37 AD, when Pilate was just destituted, there was no a new Roman procurator yet, so the "ius gladii" was suspended and Jews gave themselves the right to death penalty.

This is the same case for James-brother-of-Jesus, killed by stoning by Jews in a time in which the "ius gladii" was suspended because there was no a new procurator yet. I don't think as probable that two Christian believers were killed with these similar details. I am beginning to think that actually Stephen is not a real character, but the same James-brother-of-Jesus.

In this case, if Stephen was James, or at least James-brother-of-Jesus had a typecasting as Stephen, what consequences would have this association?
And if Paul was the responsible for Stephen's death according to the New Testament... was Paul the actual responsible for James' killing by stoning?

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James that which is called Stephen