Re: New Essay: Josephus the Herodian

Hi Charles, I used to dismiss Paul and never liked him, however, as I get a wee bit older (and re-read him), my feelings have changed. While I still think that Paul while a wheeler-dealer type personality, I think he was quite a genius - and a better person that I ever thought possible.

Yes, I agree with you that Paul was as a herodian.

Given the close connection between Josephus and Agrippa I, I would not be surprised that Josephus would support Agrippa II. Barbara Thiering in her book about Revelations sees a lot of that book being involved with Agrippa II.

On the Caesar's Messiah website, there was a poster who argued that Josephus wrote (or sponsored) the early parts of Revelations. This individual also argued that Josephus might have lived into the early 100 - 110 CE era. Not the scholarly consensus but something I think possible - given josephus's enormous influence on 1st century Christianity!

I have a small tax pratice, in addition to my regular job, so I am usually brain-dead until early may. Hope this helps, have a great spring!

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