Re: "Secrets of Herod's Reign" on Nat Geo

A recurring theme…the confluence of economics and spirituality….

Makes tremendous sense if you consider the essence of wealth….isn’t it really the accumulation of the energy which is released when the creative aspects of human consciousness utilizes the resources of nature????

In relative terms…ancient public works projects such as the pyramids and ancient temples…were in part an attempt by Kingly leadership to “jump start” the process of wealth creation…

The wealth that was created through ancient public works/construction projects in ancient Sumer or Egypt is with us today…its energy is now manifesting in homes and bank accounts around the world….

A wonderful recent analogy regarding wealth that I recently heard described the connection of the 19th century gold rush to the discovery of modern computer technology…how wealth created in the gold rush was invested in infrastructure…including schools in the northern California area which by the middle of the 20th century were perfecting the integrated circuit.