Herod and Solomon

Tim, the international man of mystery has returned! I was coming up with some theories to explain your disappearance. Did you go to see the total eclipse of the sun at the Great Pyramid? Did you sequester yourself to concentrate on your book manuscript? Quo Vadis?

Yes, I saw that special last night too. It didn't stray from Josephus as far as I could tell, so in that sense it was a very conventional biography. I however don't buy the picture painted by Josephus of Herod as a madman. He seems to have known exactly what he was doing right up to the bitter end.

I did especially like all the 3-D graphics used for reconstructions of Herod's building works. That was well worth the price of admission. What drove Herod to such ambitions? Was he truly great or profoundly vain and insecure?

Eddie, I like the idea of so many unemployed workers leading to the revolt! Definitely some wisdom in keeping the natives busy. Unemployment is very low in the US right now, probably because so many men are over in the Middle East on "peacekeeping" duty.